Disability Protection Insurance

Disability Protection Insurance for Medical Professionals in New Orleans & Throughout Louisiana


At Louisiana Premier Insurance Agency, we understand that as a medical professional, you’ve made a significant investment in your education and career. It’s more than a job: it’s what you love and who you are. If you get sick or injured and can’t practice, there’s more at stake than just an income.


Disability income protection is not a luxury. It is a critical part of any insurance plan. As a physician, an injury or illness can be devastating to your financial future.


We’re proud to offer disability insurance solutions from top-rated companies who specialize in disability coverage tailored to the unique needs of physicians and other medical professionals. Benefits include:


  • True Own-Occupation Protection (If totally disabled, you’re able to receive your full disability benefits even if you’re gainfully employed in another occupation or capacity.)
  • Lump Sum Disability Rider
  • Student Loan Protection Rider
  • Retirement Protection Rider (Maintains uninterrupted contributions in the event you become too sick or injured to work.)
  • Disability Business Overhead Expense
  • Disability Buy-Sell
louisiana disability insurance
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